Monday, September 3, 2012

[ Top 10] logiciel capture d'ecran video - Software screen capture video

Those are the best screen capture softwares.

1-  Camstudio
        Probably the best known, can record AVI and SWF. This is the one I currently use (and for quite some time)

O.S : Windows

2- Jing

        Can also record sound with a microphone with the video. Edited by TechSmith Camtasia also author, who is paying.

O.S.: Windows, Mac OS X

3- Webineria

Open source software that comes videos AVI and FLV, and can also record another video input with a webcam during the screencast. Great for instructional videos.

O.S.: Windows

  4- Wink

Software to create presentations and tutorials that Pernet add notes to screencast.

O.S.: Windows, Linux

  5- UltraVNC Screen Recorder

Based on CamStudio, with improved performance.

O.S.: Windows

 6- Windows meadia Encoder

In addition to its functions convert videos in different formats, Windows Media Encoder can also do video recording screen.

O.S.: Windows

 7- BB flash back express   

A variation of a free series of more advanced software. Output AVI and FLV

O.S.: Windows

8- Capture Fox 

A Firefox extension that allows you to make screen recording with support for audio recording.

O.S.: all normally

9- uTIPu TipCam  

Several options with this software, including the ability to add audio after recording, and zoom in on an area pointed to by the cursor.

O.S.: Windows

10- Krut   

A Java application compatible with all OS, which saves Quicktime MOV format.

O.S.: all


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