Friday, August 24, 2012

New PTC site - ukdollarbux. - 0.01 Per click

Hey All bloggers

I know I haven't posted for a while this is because i had to do something important but now am free and i will post some good tutorials.

This is about one of the new PTC sites that pays much per click and no minimum payout so you can cash out  in anytime you want.

* Guranteed Ads Daily 5 Fixed Ads Forever

* Earn up to 0.06 Pay Per Click

* Earn up to 0.04 Pay Per Rererrals Click

* Unlimited Direct Referrals,---Unlimited Rented Referrals

* Rent Referrals for 60 Days With $0.30 USD

* No Minimum Payout for All Members

* No Maximum Payout for All Members

* No Investment Required for Upgraded Members

* Cashout EveryDay Unlimited Amounts Instantly

How to join ? 

Just click on the banner bellow :

Or Click on this button :
Why should I join ? 

I just Join and I earn 0.09 in 4 Clicks so what can you earn if you spend a day on it ?
No need to miss this chance.