Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Card Tricks ever - 2012

Hey all bloggers

This is me again Rid47 the Tunisian leader. All the last posts where about programming, moneziting and hacking but we didn't talk about games, fun and more..

So I thought this will change the rythm a little bit right ?

This time i will bring to you one of the best e-books ( fun ebooks ) ever seen it's about some Card tricks but not simple tricks those are the best of all time.

I bought this for 3.5 dollar and believe me guys it worth even 5$ or more...
But because i love you all and I want you to have some fun on my blog i just bring it for free all you have to do is to complet a survey to get it for free...

To download this awesome e-book click the button bellow : 

Guys it may looks stupid to download an e-book about Card tricks i thought the same too, but once i read it i am sure it worth even more than 5$ and i remember i saw someone selling it for 7.5 on virtalpay i guess.

Ah almost forget ! some of you may say this is against copyright, i just want to say isn't because the owner give the permission to anyone to resell it for a price low than 15$ and i just wanna give it for free to all of you.

Enjoy your time and wait for our next post 
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Thanks for reading and enjoy 


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