Thursday, August 30, 2012

Megatypers - Earn money by writing CAPCHA

I’ll start off with the sign up code that is required in order to sign up with this website “RID”, without a code you cannot sign up.
So I signed up for the megatypers website to make some money from typing out CAPTCHA images. Its very simple just very time consuming. I look at it this way, a company is going to pay me a couple bucks to sit in front my my television and type out CAPTCHAS I’ll take it.
The site pays the affiliate as they call us, roughly $1 per 1000 images that you type out so if you stay at it and type out 1 image every 5 seconds about every hour you spend typing images you can make about $1, but this time can be split up, so spend 30 minutes a day make 50 cents and so on, this is more than most sites would pay you for 30 minutes of your time.

all in all out of all the sites that get people to do little tedious things for pennies I would say this site might just take off, the price per image has been going up since the site opened and I anticipate the site to continue rising in price per image, I also think once the site gets so many users they will limit the number of affiliates.
get in while its new if you like it, stick around and make a couple bucks, if not well at least you tried it…
so here is a sign up code again RID you have to use it to sign up or you cannot sign up.

To go to the site click on this hyperlink : 
Go Now

To be honest I just started For a while and I reach 2.14$ In 4 hours or less but you need to be smart and active...

There are somethings that you shouldn't do :

  • Do not leave it without clicking submit or you will be kicked and multiple kicked will cause ban
  • Do not let timer run out or you will be kicked
  • Do not ignore picture ( sometimes they give you 2 picture ) do not write one and ignore the other.
The best thing that you shouldn't write it correctly just 65% will be accepted.

Let me know if you have a problem I will solve it for you.
Will add a YouTube video soon.

Thanks for reading 


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