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Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to control windows only with mouse movements

Whether to launch software, close a window, switch between programs, you use the mouse to move the pointer on the screen and you select a function using the mouse button or using shortcuts on your keyboard.

To save time and make your job easier, you can perform all these operations with mouse movements using the software High Sign. By drawing a virtual line up, you can for example copy the selected text, as you would with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or-down menu Edit / Copy. Draw a C from the top and you close the current window.

The High Sign freeware will allow you to use the movements of your mouse to control Windows and your software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Word, Excel, ... You can easily launch software, simulate the touch of a button or a keyboard shortcut, close a window, switch to another window, reload the current web page, return to the previous page, etc..

Go to official site

Click at this link to download it from official sites.

Am sorry

Hey bloggers...

Wish you all fine. After all I come back to use adfly link in my blog so that you may be redicted to adfly ads page sometimes I just want to say am sorry about this but I need urgent money in order to get my site on.

Thank you guys for understanding me and I promise once I reach the amout I need it i will remove adfly ads, By the way am waiting for some comments from you if you need anything to be cleared.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Most stupid hacker 2012

Hello guys...

I haven't post for a while about funny things because am still working to get money in order to get my site ( will call it " " )

I was surfing and I found a thread in arabic about a stupid hacker that tried to hack Informatics systems for nuclear facilities computer by sending them a trojan ( rat ) created in Darkcomet in an email, what makes it stupid that he include his pictures with it !!! YEAH his own picture with it is he that much stupid ? loool

Not only this the trojan don't even work !!  Snorre Fagerland said that even when they test it it didn't work ether that what makes them laught hhhh 

Those are hacking kids they don't know anything about hacking but they act like they do hhhh

Visual basic tutorials - Linked form

Well, hey guys wish you all fine. I hope you guys like my first tutorial 'Add music to a visual basic program'
This is my second tutorial and this time i will explain how to make a linked form in visula basic 2010

Just watch the video and enjoy :

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to add music to a program in visual basic

Some of you may want to learn or to improve their perfermonce on visual basic right ?

If the answer is yes I will ask you to keep visiting my blog because I will post tutorials daily for you guys.

My first tutorial is a special one, it's about ' how to add music to a program in visual basic 2012 ' I just made it first because lot of you asked me for it on facebook and here I am keeping my promise.

Watch and enjoy guys :

YouTube video

Or watch it here :

Thanks for watching

Is it safe yo use java ?

Hello There ! 

Java is the main Topic nowadays, Everyone is talking about it " is it safe ? " , " Can I use it ? "  
to be honest java haven't been safe from the beginning.

Last week, Oracle released emergency updates to fix zero-day vulnerabilities in Java 7 and Java 6. But in the case of the Java 7 fix, the new version allows an existing flaw--spotted by security researchers and disclosed to Oracle earlier this year--to be exploited to bypass java sandbox . In other words, while fixing some flaws, Oracle opened the door to another one.  

By this being said the answer for your question ' whether if java safe or no ' is no.

Adam Gowdiak, has said that the inly solution is not to use java untill they discover a real solution since the latest fix didn't really make a difference in fact it brings more fails into java security.

And The only solution now is to avoid using java in the main time untill they solve their fails in security.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to know if it's Scam or Legit ?

Hey There... Lot of people are always looking for methods to make money online, but 80% of them are victims of scam sites. Everyday we saw those ads of sites that pay 4$ per upload or click ( depending on what's the site ) but the question is it legit ?   To be honest 10% only of online money making sites are legit, The rest are scam. Now The question you may ask is How do I know if it's scam or legit ? There are many scam sites around the internet and you really have to be careful on where you put yourself on or what you explore. What you should do to know if it's scam or no before start using it are the following : 1- Go and google it for example the site you want to verify is "" go to google and write money-dollars scam or legit you will find a lot of important reviews about it. 2- Look at the minimum payout if it's too high then make sure it's scam Not all sites with high payout minimum are scam * For ptc sites : Clixsence have 6$ minimum payout but it's legit for now ! * For ppd sites : Fileice have 50$ minimum payout but it's legit. 3- For ptc sites it should have a forum unless its fake site and won't last for a long time... And about ppd sites be aware of those that pay once each month because they easily can turn into scam site. 4- Before joining any money online making site make sure you already know few information about it and some ppd site should have a subscription to be legit so make sure you look for it before you start working with them By doing this you will reduce the chance of being a victim for scam sites.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to make an advanced Theme for blogger

By reading this you are a blogger and you want to make your blog the best ever seen right ?

Then no need to waste your time searching just watch this video.

This is the best way to make an advanced them for your blog

Watch and Enjoy

How to get trafic for you site/blog + YouTube channel

Hey Bloggers...

 By watching this you are looking for visitors to your site/blog , YouTube subs or Facebook likes right ?

Let me tell you you are in the write place.

This is the easiest way to get traffic, FB likes or YT subs without doing anything, How ?

 First you will have to create an account here :

Or Click here :

Go to the site !

After registering you will recieve 200 points you can use them whether to get traffic, likes or more...

Now You may ask How can I add my site ?

This is so easy just use your panel and choice witch option you will do.

By that being said I think I clear the whole thing right ?

If you still have problem please let me know.
I will add a YouTube video soon.

Thanks for reading

How to delete Empty folders automaticaly

Hello bloggers

You may guys fed up of deleting empty folders each day, because it's booring and a waste of time ?

Then no need to do this any more just watch the video and enjoy.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to add/remove a program to start up

Just follow the video...

Enjoy it

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dropbox - News

Since Monday, many users of the popular file storage service online are struggling to sync their files, or access their user account. A network problem is causing these slowdowns, just explain the co-founder of Dropbox.

Among the problems affecting the proper functioning of Dropbox seen since Monday: slow at synchronizing files among the Desktop application and online storage space users.

Some users also report having difficulty connecting to their account, according to several testimonies reported by TechCrunch.

Slowdowns on downloading files, they should not exceed one to two minutes, says Arash Ferdowsi, co-founder of Dropbox, a thread open discussion following the occurrence of these technical problems.

It also indicates that the Dropbox team was still trying to identify the origin of this morning failures that affect the operation of the service.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Trailer

Everyone Give his opinion about it.
It's a new and funny game what do you think about it ? 

Do not oppen those programs !! Warming

Hey all bloggers

First I just want to thanks you all for visiting my blog hope you like it and you register.

So I've been looking for software and I saw some programs called " Facebook hacker " , " msn hacker " and those kind of software getting a lot of downloads !!

Are you serious ! Those are fake programs binded with rats, virus or spywares...

You will said " If it's a virus why my AV don't detect it ? "

Sir there is something called encryption and crypters those programs allow user to crypt a virus using an algorithm like md5 so that it won't be detected...

How Do I know if it's a fake program or know ?

Well there are a lot of steps to do to know if it's binded or no and I am going to create a tutorial about it soon, some of them are :

1- Use Sandboxie to test any file even sometimes virus can't bypass it
     To download Sandboxie from official site   Click here  

2- Scan it online on   Virus Total

3- Scan it on   Anubis and save the scan result on your pc than open it ( it should be a txt file ) and than search for no-ip if you find it then make sure it's infected ( will post a more detailed tutorial about it )

Hope you guys enjoy this post and thanks for reading
Please leave some good feedback if you like it...

[ Top 10] logiciel capture d'ecran video - Software screen capture video

Those are the best screen capture softwares.

1-  Camstudio
        Probably the best known, can record AVI and SWF. This is the one I currently use (and for quite some time)

O.S : Windows

2- Jing

        Can also record sound with a microphone with the video. Edited by TechSmith Camtasia also author, who is paying.

O.S.: Windows, Mac OS X

3- Webineria

Open source software that comes videos AVI and FLV, and can also record another video input with a webcam during the screencast. Great for instructional videos.

O.S.: Windows

  4- Wink

Software to create presentations and tutorials that Pernet add notes to screencast.

O.S.: Windows, Linux

  5- UltraVNC Screen Recorder

Based on CamStudio, with improved performance.

O.S.: Windows

 6- Windows meadia Encoder

In addition to its functions convert videos in different formats, Windows Media Encoder can also do video recording screen.

O.S.: Windows

 7- BB flash back express   

A variation of a free series of more advanced software. Output AVI and FLV

O.S.: Windows

8- Capture Fox 

A Firefox extension that allows you to make screen recording with support for audio recording.

O.S.: all normally

9- uTIPu TipCam  

Several options with this software, including the ability to add audio after recording, and zoom in on an area pointed to by the cursor.

O.S.: Windows

10- Krut   

A Java application compatible with all OS, which saves Quicktime MOV format.

O.S.: all


Thanks for reading hope you liek it

How To protect your self from keyloggers

Keystroke logging (more often called keylogging or "keyloggers") is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to electromagnetic and acoustic analysis.

To protect your self from this infection you should use a software called " Anti Keylogger "
 An anti keylogger (or anti keystroke logger) is a type of software specifically designed for the detection of keystroke logger software; often, such software will also incorporate the ability to delete or at least immobilize hidden keystroke logger software on your computer. In comparison to most anti-virus or anti-spyware software, the primary difference is that an anti keylogger does not make a distinction between a legitimate keystroke logging program and an illegitimate keystroke logging program (such as a virus); all keystroke logging programs are flagged and optionally removed, whether they appear to be a legitimate keystroke logging software or not.

 This is the best free keylogger ever seen " Key scrambler "

To download this software from the official site click the link bellow :

Click here for official site 

Thanks for reading and wait for my other posts