Friday, August 24, 2012

How to get accepted to Fileice

Well some of you may know what Fileice is and some don't, so to start let me talk about it a little bit.

Fileice is a PPD site ( Pay Per Download site ) that pay you for each download of your file but not like the other PPD sites this one include survey while downloading... exactly the same as sharecash but sharecash don't ask for an application to be completed while fileice do.

How To get Accepted In Fileice ?

First you will have to join under my referral so that they know that i trust you and this will increase your chance to get accepted with 25% ( believe me in this )

To join as my referral click here :

Now when write the application say this :

* I used to work with sharecash and i earned 300$ ( do not say you earn up to 750$ they won't beleive it ) just between 300$ and 600$

* Tell them you are an e-book creator and you already selled your ebooks and earned 78$

* Tell them you have blogs that had high traffic like this :
   " I am the owner of several blogs and i use these blogs/websites, youtube,metacafe,facebook and other social networking sites to promote products and downloads,i would love to incorporate fileice into this.i have been a higher earner on sharecash.howerver i am looking to try
something new and fileice appears to be the best option.I release videos on youtube and metacafe that allow people to download legal freeware "

* Tell them you own a very well know youtube channel that you used in the past to get people download legil software.

* Tell them that you are a member in very know forums and you will use those forums to share your file 

By doing this you will get accepted for sure but make sure your english is correct or this will low your chances getting accepted.

Once you register comment here your username and i will give you some niches to earn more than 40$ in the first week.


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