Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to make money - PHD clix

Hey bloggers 

I know a lot of you are looking every day for a new way to earn money and an easy one too

No need to look anymore just be always in my blog and you will earn what i earn everyday 

by the way i earn 41$ everyday but i am using a lot of sites and this is the best of it

What's PHD- clix ?

PHD-clix is a PTC ( Paid To Clic ) site that gives you money for viewing ads completing tasks and inviting people to join as your referral.

How do I join this site ? 
 To join just click on this banner :

 Please let me know if you have any problem while registering...

What should I do know to earn money ?

You can win money by : 
  • Viewing ads ( simple ads you don't have to watch them just click and leave it until the 15 seconds end )
  •   Inviting referrals to join 
  •  Playing a game and you may win 5$ It's all about your luck I just win 2.5$ in that game
  •  Completing tasks and offers  
Why should I believe this ?
Great question sir ! Just because by clicking on 5 ads you can earn 0.1 and you can cash out this amount instantly 

This is some picture from it :

So what are you waiting for !! Go and cash out some money sir 
Please let me know if you need any help
Thanks for reading 


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