Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is it safe yo use java ?

Hello There ! 

Java is the main Topic nowadays, Everyone is talking about it " is it safe ? " , " Can I use it ? "  
to be honest java haven't been safe from the beginning.

Last week, Oracle released emergency updates to fix zero-day vulnerabilities in Java 7 and Java 6. But in the case of the Java 7 fix, the new version allows an existing flaw--spotted by security researchers and disclosed to Oracle earlier this year--to be exploited to bypass java sandbox . In other words, while fixing some flaws, Oracle opened the door to another one.  

By this being said the answer for your question ' whether if java safe or no ' is no.

Adam Gowdiak, has said that the inly solution is not to use java untill they discover a real solution since the latest fix didn't really make a difference in fact it brings more fails into java security.

And The only solution now is to avoid using java in the main time untill they solve their fails in security.


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