Monday, September 3, 2012

Do not oppen those programs !! Warming

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So I've been looking for software and I saw some programs called " Facebook hacker " , " msn hacker " and those kind of software getting a lot of downloads !!

Are you serious ! Those are fake programs binded with rats, virus or spywares...

You will said " If it's a virus why my AV don't detect it ? "

Sir there is something called encryption and crypters those programs allow user to crypt a virus using an algorithm like md5 so that it won't be detected...

How Do I know if it's a fake program or know ?

Well there are a lot of steps to do to know if it's binded or no and I am going to create a tutorial about it soon, some of them are :

1- Use Sandboxie to test any file even sometimes virus can't bypass it
     To download Sandboxie from official site   Click here  

2- Scan it online on   Virus Total

3- Scan it on   Anubis and save the scan result on your pc than open it ( it should be a txt file ) and than search for no-ip if you find it then make sure it's infected ( will post a more detailed tutorial about it )

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