Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to control windows only with mouse movements

Whether to launch software, close a window, switch between programs, you use the mouse to move the pointer on the screen and you select a function using the mouse button or using shortcuts on your keyboard.

To save time and make your job easier, you can perform all these operations with mouse movements using the software High Sign. By drawing a virtual line up, you can for example copy the selected text, as you would with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or-down menu Edit / Copy. Draw a C from the top and you close the current window.

The High Sign freeware will allow you to use the movements of your mouse to control Windows and your software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Word, Excel, ... You can easily launch software, simulate the touch of a button or a keyboard shortcut, close a window, switch to another window, reload the current web page, return to the previous page, etc..

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