Monday, September 10, 2012

How to know if it's Scam or Legit ?

Hey There... Lot of people are always looking for methods to make money online, but 80% of them are victims of scam sites. Everyday we saw those ads of sites that pay 4$ per upload or click ( depending on what's the site ) but the question is it legit ?   To be honest 10% only of online money making sites are legit, The rest are scam. Now The question you may ask is How do I know if it's scam or legit ? There are many scam sites around the internet and you really have to be careful on where you put yourself on or what you explore. What you should do to know if it's scam or no before start using it are the following : 1- Go and google it for example the site you want to verify is "" go to google and write money-dollars scam or legit you will find a lot of important reviews about it. 2- Look at the minimum payout if it's too high then make sure it's scam Not all sites with high payout minimum are scam * For ptc sites : Clixsence have 6$ minimum payout but it's legit for now ! * For ppd sites : Fileice have 50$ minimum payout but it's legit. 3- For ptc sites it should have a forum unless its fake site and won't last for a long time... And about ppd sites be aware of those that pay once each month because they easily can turn into scam site. 4- Before joining any money online making site make sure you already know few information about it and some ppd site should have a subscription to be legit so make sure you look for it before you start working with them By doing this you will reduce the chance of being a victim for scam sites.